Laura has spent seven years working in veterinary practice as a registered veterinary nurse and has always had a passion for how animals think and feel.

Being a strong believer in up to date theoretical knowledge, over the years she has completed accredited qualifications in behaviour and training including an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management and a BSc (Hons) in Applied Animal Behaviour.  

Her professional experience includes puppy socialisation classes, beginner, intermediate and advanced dog training,  gun dog training, agility training, puppy and kitten clinics and behaviour clinics.  Laura’s experience extends to the application of  reward based training methods to horses. For years she has felt uneasy about how we treated our equine companions, and felt that old practices were being continued even if our knowledge of animal learning and psychology had progressed. Inspired by these ideas, Laura chose to research the behavioural response of horses to different training methods for her dissertation (see equine page for more information).  

Laura believes that the behaviour and training industry should be regulated just as veterinary nursing and other medical and counselling professions are. Currently,  it is not a legal requirement to subscribe to a professional organisation or follow any sort of code of conduct. However,  Laura is affiliated with the organisations below, supporting industry regulation:

  • Affiliations
    • Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) Registered Practitioner
    • Full member Association Pet Dog Trainers (01184)

    This means that she has undertaken a written and practical exam illustrating that she possess the skills and knowledge required to apply training techniques based on up to date, researched, methods, whilst being empathic and considerate of the animal’s emotional state.

    • Full member The Canine Training and Behaviour Society
    • Provisional member Association Pet Behaviour Counsellors  which means having gained the relevant academic qualifications I am gaining the practical experience necessary for full membership” as detailed here: http://www.apbc.org.uk/apbc/code_of_practice, and she is working towards full membership.

 Laura is covered by professional indemnity cover and public liability insurance.

2 Responses to About

  1. Alexandra Earley says:

    Dear Laura. Your friend Suzanne Bullworthy gave me your name and details. We have a new dog from Battersea – Poppy – an 18 month cocker spaniel with some behavioural issues. Namely resource guarding (occasional aggression), and not responsive to come/ stay/ stop commands. We’ve had her about 4 weeks now but definitely need guidance and professional help to support her. Are you able to help? We live in Wheeler End Common, near Lane End. Thank you. Alexandra and Rob Earley


    • deanoward says:

      Hello Alexandra

      Yes I am able to help. I would suggest a 121 at your home where we can look at the occasional aggression and resource guarding. Then another appointment where we focus on her recall, stay and stop.

      With resource guarding it is so important to deal with it properly because it is a behaviour that can escalate and result in some quite alarming behaviour.
      May I ask what she is guarding?

      A 121 is £40, and I would come to your home.

      Shall we try to get an appointment in the diary? I am available weekdays and Sundays. What sort of times are you available?

      Kind regards
      Laura Ward
      07931 566921


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